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It can be healing to give back during your sorrow. Many women I have listened to have mentioned how they felt led to give to another mom or child in memory of their loss. Some women give back by sharing their story with others. Other women have thrown baby showers for a local maternity ward. If you feel it would help you take a step toward healing to give in memory of your child, here is a local program that can help. Wendy Yoder organizes Baby Love Totes and delivers them to Goshen Hospital and Elkhart Hospital for women in need who have given birth. Each tote contains items needed to start nurturing their new born. You may give a donation of $35.00 to send a full tote in memory of your baby or you may purchase the items and fill the tote yourself. Wendy with her two girls, Maya and Madison, her son Miles and her best friend Sheena deliver them. Her contact information is listed below and you are also welcome to contact myself. May God bless you for your strength to give back while you are still grieving.

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